To compel a man to furnish
contributions of money
for the propagation of opinions
he disbelieves and abhors,
is sinful and tyrannical.
                     -Thomas Jefferson

Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom in the U.S. Constitution: A Reader, p.135

As I read this I am thinking of "Child Support" which may not be distinguishable from

divorce support

unfaithful spouse support

support of other damaging practices and ideas.

It is hard hearted cruelty to separate a parent from a child and then require (usually) him to support the one (and ones) who separated them.

If someone stole your car, how would you feel about being forced to provide the thief with money to enjoy driving it anywhere they wanted to go?  Children are more important than cars.

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I do not intend to defend men who carelessly impregnate women.   pb