The Harbinger   by Jonathan Cahn
Before its end as a nation, there appeared in ancient Israel a series of specific omens and signs warning of destruction—these same Nine Harbingers are now manifesting in America with profound ramifications for America's future and end-time prophecy. 

American defense was seriously breached when the twin trade towers were destroyed on September 11, 2001.   This and the rising and plunging stock market values (debt "owed", then cancelled) are among the warnings.  It is thrilling to consider God's view and His cycles of sevens.
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Michael Rood   is an outstanding student of the calendar, prophecy, Jewish and Christian practices, and  the feasts which are teaching devices of events past and future.   One difference I have from him is that I place less importance (not none) on the future of Israel and more on the kingdom of heaven/God which Jesus and His disciples proclaimed.   I have collected texts on it.  See The Kingdom of God in this web site.






Muslim Jihadists have terrorized societies worldwide.  Societies have moved to avoid offending them and to protect themselves from them at great inconvenience and expense.  Socialists have divided families, divided race from race, and led many into deception and dependence.

A very different gentle effect on societies would be produced if all God’s people worldwide obeyed YAHOVA our creator fully observing all His instructions–including the seventh day and the seventh year Sabbaths.   Leviticus 25

Imagine as a growing multitude of God’s people periodically ceased their public services, shut down their manufacturing operations, let their gardens and farms rest.  That would be noticeable.  People would ask why.  We would tell them of God’s instructions.  They would come to anticipate and accommodate this as I do Sunday closings now.

Not by confronting unbelievers with an army, or interfering with their freedom, but by obeying “remember the Sabbath”, “come out and be separate”, beginning with one day in seven, then one year in seven, and then with a grand Jubilee 50th year, others would be notified, then motivated--not really by us--but by their Creator, by need, by nature, by hunger–to live more in keeping with God’s will.  Bible believing worshipers of the creator will prepare.  The wise will independently grow and make provision.  We will all enjoy what grows wild in the Jubilee years.   Exodus 20,   2 Corinthians 6:17

When Daniel’s great stone has rolled, crushing all earthly kingdoms out of existence, we will again be in a garden (or wilderness).   The land provided by our Creator in the beginning for us to  “dress and keep” can sustain us   Daniel  2, Genesis 1-4

“Remember the Sabbath...”   After 490 years (70 7s) of forgetting, God allowed his people to be enslaved in a foreign land 70 years while the land rested 70 years.
                          The Creator is that serious about Sabbath keeping.

Remember what resulted when the Israelite s left their employment as slaves to sacrifice to Jehovah in the wilderness.  They became land owners.  Pharaoh’s army drowned trying to catch them.  Exodus 5:1-3, 6:6-8   
Again God needs a Noah type family of believers prepared to worship and obey YAHOVA.  When His character is reproduced in them, He will claim them as his own.  

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