I wrote and published, in the St. Joseph MI newspaper, most of the following short statements.
I wrote knowing that each person and each situation is different, while also similarities exist.
Consider for yourself which actually describe the person and the situation you are studying.  "One size will not fit all".  "If the shoe does not fit, do not wear it."  But if you do not believe the truth, delusion will diminish your own value to yourself and others.
May you discover truth and may God add His blessing to you. PB 2014

Subject: Divorce

"Divorce is a lifelong heartfelt sore".
It is a great disappointment,
or it reveals something worse.
James and Ellen G. White
Phil Blake 2012

How would you react,
if YOUR CHILDREN were taken
away from you to live in another house nearby ?
Would you send money to THOSE PEOPLE monthly
While they held your children against your will
and the children’s best interest ?
Have you realized that this happens OFTEN with divorce ? PB 26 Dec 95

People who respect divorce
don’t know God’s plan
for restoring. PB

In heaven, all tears will be wiped away.
Satan’s counterfeit is
hard-hearted disregard for feelings. Pb Feb 86
I have seen the same used as a substitute
for forgiving. PB 2005

If someone stole your car,
would you feel obligated
to send gas to keep it running for them
so they could drive it
anywhere they wanted it to go
and use it carelessly ?
Most men who’s children have been taken from them against their wishes,
don’t feel obligated by conscience either. PB 24 Apr 86

Differences are not a direct cause of divorce.
One who seeks a divorce is motivated by
their own intolerant characteristics. PB 6 Feb 86

People who divorce,
even insanely blame the parent
who they have cut off from the children
for their increasing problems. PB 28 Mar 86

People who divorce
often induce “Jonestown” type loyalty
from their children and other people. PB

The ability to suppress others,
does not make one innocent, free, at peace, admired, or loved in the best sense. PB

Pride causes stress and depression in close associates.
The proud one experiences alternate highs and lows.
It is better to be a consistent servant
with divinely directed self determination. PB 20 Feb 86

Church leaders are not simply to be heard,
but to be understood in the light of God’s word.
Discover their friend Jesus, search His Word,
receive His Spirit, and follow His perfect example. PB

Beware of “Divorce Rings”,which advise, encourage, and support it, promoting rejection, feelings of superiority, and selfishness
–wolves in sheep’s clothing among the sheep.
PB Jan 86 Revised 2014

Helping a person through a door is commendable;
If it is a robber carrying stolen money, it is a crime. PB

Girls who want to be rescued from their parent’s home,

are more likely to want to be rescued from their own home. PB 23 Jan 86

An unhappy person,
blaming another for their unhappiness,
may think divorce a solution.
Another person who recognizes individuality
can live well and let live well, in the same situation.
PB 30 Jan 1986

People who divorce are insensitive to
and irresponsible of their effect on their children
and other people. PB

"Divorce is stupid, selfish and sick! If you aren’t getting married for a lifetime, don’t get married! And don’t produce children until you are legally married!” Simon Says

Divorce is child, and spouse, abuse. PB

Your kids fight!?
They should see two parents with different appearances and different personalities living without hostility in team relationship. PB

Crazy how divorce harms children
and builds a parent’s self esteem at the same time.
The custodial parent, while providing less,
can feel more important. PB 13 March 86

After divorce, the instability of character
that destroyed the first home is still there
to make the next home insecure. PB

Man being obligated to pay his wife’s bills
became obsolete when wives were no longer expected
to be responsible to their husbands. PB

“Charity never faileth...”,1 Corinthians 13:8
Love never ends.
The excitement of infatuation subsides.
Self interest loses interest, moves to another object.
The object of lust is found undesirable in time.
Perversion collides with reality.
Divorce is motivated by something other than love.
Love never ends. PB 16 Jan 86

Jesus understood.
He can help you understand too.
Praise Him for His kind wisdom. PB 28 Nov 86


One cannot be filled completely with the Holy Spirit (love)

and divorce their mate permanently.   PB   14 September 2019


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